Top Notch Products

We’re proud to offer our customers top-quality chicken meat. It starts with top-class day-old-chicks. They are nourished and sheltered in a bespoke brooder for 2 weeks. They then grow another 4 weeks in biosecure, clean and airy deep-litter pens with nipple-drinkers and suspended feeders to ensure good health and hygiene. We use commercial grade starter and finisher feeds and the facilities are managed 24x7 by well-trained Youth Agripreneurs.

When the birds reach their target weight they are moved to our modern small-scale processing plant where strict protocols and standards produce healthy and fresh (not frozen) meat products.
In addition to fresh meat we also provide smoked, grilled and fried chicken. Customers rate these products as excellent also the meat was never frozen!

About us

Top Notch Poultry is a youth agribusiness. We are enthusiastic university graduates that were incubated in IITA's Youth Agripreneur Program and supported by Stratadvance LP. Our ambition is to grow a franchise network of small-scale commercial feed-to-fork broiler enterprises. Together with partners we will establish a reference-farm with feed mill, breeding, incubating/hatching, growing, processing and retail/food units for research, training and demonstration in best-fit technologies and practices suitable for youth businesses.

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